• S-Network Global Indexes
  • Posted June 12, 2019

One Addition and One Deletion in S-Network Global Water Index Semi-Annual Reconstitution

New York, NY, Wednesday, June 12, 2019 — The S-Network Global Water IndexSM (TICKER: JGI) will add one constituent and drop one constituent in its semi-annual reconstitution, effective 6:00 PM (ET) Sunday, June 23, 2019, maintaining the number of index components at 60.

The addition to JGI is: China Everbright Water Ltd (TICKER: CEWL SP).

The deletion from JGI is: Grupo Rotoplas SA de CV (TICKER: AGUA* MM).

The changes to JGI are distributed between two sub-indexes:


The S-Network Global Water Works IndexSM (JWW) will have no changes.


The S-Network Global Water Tech IndexSM (JWT) will add China Everbright Water Ltd (TICKER: CEWL SP), and drop Grupo Rotoplas SA de CV (TICKER: AGUA* MM).


Complete lists of constituents and weights will be posted on the S-Network Global Water Index family website (www.snetglobalwaterindexes.com) as of the effective date.

The S-Network Global Water IndexesSM are capitalization-weighted, float-adjusted indexes of the most prominent water stocks in the world. To be included in the indexes, stocks must pass multiple screens, including for capitalization, float, exchange listing, share price and turnover.

Detailed information on the S-Network Global Water Indexes including constituent data, rules and price information is available at www.snetglobalwaterindexes.com. Data is also available through most vendors of financial data.

Index: S-Network Global Water Index


Index: S-Network Global Water WorksSM (TICKER: JWW)

Index: S-Network Global Water TechSM (TICKER: JWT)